We are seeking new lab members at many levels. For informal inquiries:



We are looking for talented and ambitious postdocs. Please contact Dan by email to discuss opportunities and see our advert for more information. Indicate your career goals, previous experience, scientific interests and reasons for applying to the lab. Also, attach your current CV.

Graduate students

Current Oregon grad students should email Dan with their CV and reasons for applying to the lab.

If you are considering applying to the University of Oregon and you are interested in the lab, please get in touch. Also, check out the Department of Biology and the Institute of Molecular Biology.


We are committed to providing hard-working undergrads with the opportunity to work in a laboratory. Get in touch by emailing Dan with your CV, reasons for applying, and please arrange for a letter of reference to be sent.


Potential research technicians should have a bachelor's degree in life sciences and previous laboratory experience. Communication and organization skills are required, as is being detail-oriented. Experience with zebrafish is desirable, but not essential. Candidates should email Dan a CV, a summary of laboratory experience, and a description of how they will contribute to the lab. Also provide the names and contact information for three people who can provide letters of reference.